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America is in year three of a lawless kleptocracy. Illegitimate president Donald John Trump has been allowed to degrade our democratic institutions, torture immigrants, and put U.S. national security at risk. Trump's catalog of high crimes and misdemeanors is so vast that articles of impeachment could include violation of the Constitution's Emoluments clause, obstruction of justice (Mueller investigation), illegal use of campaign funds (Stormy Daniels), human rights violations (border), treason (Helsinki), etc. We are watching our democracy die and can wait no longer. Still, impeachment alone may not provide the remedies we need. Trump's enablers are not simple crooks - they are in it to establish a White Christian theocracy in America. Over 100 Federal judges have been nominated by Trump and confirmed by the GOP senate, and while they are mostly white and male, ALL of them are conservative Christians. This is bad news for a diverse America for the next century! History shows us that reclaiming power requires sustained peaceful protests. We have many examples worldwide to inspire us: Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, and most recently, Russia and Lebanon. America must rise up, too!