Vigil for Democracy

America is a theocracy. We have a 6-3 religious fundamentalist majority on our Supreme Court, and there is no law, no executive order, no constitutional right, and no longstanding norm that can escape destruction by this Court. Meanwhile, corrupt, treasonous and violent attackers of democracy face no accountability, and are emboldened to continue their attacks.

It is clear we cannot expect this Court, the Democratic Party, or the Department of Justice to protect us. We the people need to rise up in mass protests and speak the language the power structure understands: $$$

This is why we are building up to sustained strikes for our most important issues, all of which have been abandoned by our government. Strikes don't happen overnight, so we must build power through regular public protests. Soon enough, there will be a total of seven strikes, for our most dire issues - one for each day of the week.

You choose which issue you strike for. Stand tall for what you're most passionate about. For many, it will be more than one issue. Even if we never achieve a full nationwide General Strike, we will still be striking seven days a week, and that cannot be ignored!

Saturdays, Sundays: What are your top issues? Let us know!

Mondays: #ADayWithoutImmigrants #UnDiaSinInmigrantes launching on Valentine's Day, Feb 14

Tuesdays: #StrikeForTruth #ElectionTuesdays #TruthTuesdays @ Fox, OANN, Newsmax

Wednesdays: #StrikeForChoice #NoHumpDay @ AT&T, Whole Foods, Justices' homes

Thursdays: #StrikeForJustice protesting the vast disparity between white insurrectionists and Black innocents @ US Attorney’s offices, DOJ, police stations

Fridays: #StrikeForClimate @ Chevron, Exxon, Shell, BlackRock, big banks

All our protests are aligned in a struggle against fascism, to connect humanity in love and peace, to #RejectTheocracy and hold #VigilForDemocracy.

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